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First, I would like it to be known that for the first time in over 11 years of marriage, I HAVE WON!! It really did help that my son played up the 'puppy dog eyes', pushed out his lower lip, and begged, but our Halloween decorations were put away, immediately followed by bringing out the Christmas decorations!! I've always been made to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to begin decorating, but it looks like the "kids are only kids once" talk worked!!! He's just lucky that we always get a live tree, or that would be up, too.

Needless to say, Christmas, decorating, and gift giving is in the forefront of my mind right now! While I'm always up for a good Christmas time sale or bargain, there are times when nothing matches a handmade present.

With this blog hop, we're focusing on handmade gifts that are inexpensive - under $20, and can be made in 20 minutes or less.

My project for this hop is a pack of greeting cards, complete with envelopes. I love when I get these as gifts, because sending a handmade card is never easier than when you have a stash on hand.

Card 1

Card 2

Card 3

Card 4

Card 4 - close up

Card 5

Card 5 - close up

I kept with my 'one paper pack' routine with these cards. They all coordinate without being too matchy-matchy. For this pack, I used the Glitz 6" paper pack Color Me happy. I loved this pack because there are two neat pages that allow this to be a project under 20 minutes:
Pages like this are built-in sentiments, which is a huge time saver, if you ask me! The straight lines allow you to use your paper trimmer to cut these out in a hurry.

Another time saving hint? When you use sprays or mists, place doilies onto your craft mat. While you're spraying your project, they get some of the overspray and are easily stored away, all ready to use (I used them on Cards 2 and 3).

Easy way to mix it up? Use Pop Up Glue Dots® to add some dimension to your cards (used on Card 4 and 5)

Cards are really easy to package up, too! Stack them with their envelopes, tie a pretty ribbon around them, and you're set! You could even throw stamps onto the cards to make it that much easier for the recipient.

My pack of cards and envelopes was $0.99 at my favorite paper supply store, the paper pack was $2.99 (love those 40% off coupons!!), the ribbon to tie it all up was $1.00 for the roll, and the few ribbons I used on the cards were $0.99 for a sample pack. Total: $5.97! Score!!!

Side note: I can see my mother making me a stack of cards, all stamped and addressed back to her...she's great at subtle hints like that!! lol!!

Now that you're finished at my blog, leave a comment with your favorite card, enter our giveaway, and hop on to the next Dottess!

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Meet the Dottesses!

Erin's Favorite Things

I can't even put into words how excited I am to be joining the Glue Dots® Resource Team for a third term!! I have been given so many phenomenal opportunities to expand my horizons and to stretch the boundaries of my creative box. Three years of Glue Dots® also means three years of this blog!! I started this blog to be eligible to apply for their design team, and I never, in a million years, even thought I'd be picked, let alone be doing this for a third year. 
I'm really excited to share a little bit about myself with you in my list of Favorite Things!

Favorite adhesive: I'm going to assume 
you know this, but it's Glue Dots®!! LOL!

Favorite type of Glue Dot
Strong tie between micro's and 1" lines. 
I use them both like they're going out of style.

Favorite paper company: Another tie - 
Crete Paper and Basic Grey. 

Favorite online craft store: Scarlet Lime

Favorite brick & mortar store: Hobby Lobby. 
They always have the best clearance section!

Favorite color: Olive green

Favorite movie to watch while crafting:
Wonder Man (It's an old Danny Kaye movie. Don't ask me why...so random, right?!)

My camera: Canon Rebel

Favorite snack while crafting: I'm usually too
zoned into what I'm doing to eat (so crafting is kind of like a diet!)

Favorite clothes to craft in: One rule - no buttons, snaps or zippers.

Favorite artist to follow: Christy Tomlinson

Favorite place for inspiration: Pinterest (follow me!!)

Favorite subject to scrapbook: my family

Top 3 Blogged Projects:

So that's just a little bit about me!

Glue Dots® is having an awesome giveaway for this blog hop, and all you have to do is sign up below! I hear you get a brownie points for following me on my Twitter page, and you can also follow me on my Pinterest page, and, most importantly, here on my blog!! Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite Glue Dot® product is and a link to your Pinterest page so I can follow your crafty goodness, too!!

Here's our awesome giveaway!! You have until 12am CST on 10/31/13 to enter, and the winner will be announced on the morning of the 31st. Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!!!!

Joy Dickson (go here next!)


12x12 paper - You Have Met Your Match!!

I've been taking some time to organize, clean and purse my stash lately. It feels great!!! I sat down one night last week and sorted through ALL of my 12x12 paper. Stacks, loose and scraps...all of it. I came to the conclusions that a) I'm a smart shopper, b) I am very unorganized, and c) I have way too much paper!!!
I decided I'm a pretty smart shopper, because I always say that to get a page or card to easily coordinate, use papers from the same line. They'll match without being 'matchy-matchy'. This being said, I have a lot of loose 12x12 that I want organized together. I've gotten a few lines that are sent in a plastic bag, seals at the top, kept together and organized, but I also have a lot that's sent loose. 
I mentioned to my Dad that it would be fabulous to be able to find plastic bags at the store that were at least 13x13 to be able to hold all of my paper lines, and what did he find?!

YEA!!! So they're Hefty brand 2.5 gallon bags that measure 14 3/8 in. by 16 in. I'm sure there are other brands out there that carry 2.5 gallon bags, but these are the first I've seen!! They even have a zipper at the top for easy transportation. I'm headed to a scrapbooking weekend with a great friend and my mom in two weeks and these will be PERFECT to get everything there in one piece!
Now to get that stack of papers into these bags...wish me luck!!!


A Quick Fall Teacher Gift

I'm a sucker for $1 bins, and I spotted a pack of Fall foam pumpkins I couldn't pass up! A quick change of the cardboard top, and you have an easy Fall gift for the favorite teacher in your life!
I added a Fall rub-on from Karen Foster Designs, some Fall leaves, and a few buttons stuck on with Glue Dots.


Minions and a Staycation!!

Let me begin by saying that I am thoroughly enjoying my staycation!! I took the last three days of this week of to spend with my family - my mom is in town from Ohio - and after looking at the work schedule for Tuesday, I was told I could have Tuesday off, too! Six whole days at home with my family, with the little man's 5th birthday party rounding out the end of the break this coming weekend.  

We took part of this morning to bring in snacks for little man's Pre-K class. He knew about we were bringing cupcakes, but little did he know that they were minion cupcakes!!

With a little extra time on my hands, you'd think I had a world of time to get my craft on, but alas, life has happened!! Thanks to the hubby and some outside play time for the kids, I got a few hours to make a page. I've been dying to get my hands on some more recent pictures (the old ones will get done eventually, right!?), so I scrapped little man's first eye doctor appointment from this Spring.
I used a lot of Basic Grey papers, and Jillybean Soup and Cosmo Cricket embellishments.

And when you don't have the embellishment you want, make one!

 I sketched an eye on a dictionary page, outlined it with my Scarlet Lime doodle pen, and filled in some opaque colors with my gelatos (Faber-Castell)

I used the reverse of the two Basic Grey papers to add embellishments to look like ribbon. Using the scraps of the papers you're already using is an easy way to add dimension, save scraps, and, best of all (to me!), you know it all coordinates!

I used Glue Dots® (of course) to hold everything down!

Here's hoping I have a few more scrap-breaks before real life begins again!


You Are The Light of the World!!

 Well, school has gotten off to a great start in the Deeply Rooted household!! My little man loves his teacher, and comes home with stories of new things he's learned and done every day. He's really excited right now, because his 5th birthday is next week! He knows he's bringing in cupcakes, but he has no idea they're going to be those cute minion ones that have been all over Pinterest. I'm crossing my fingers they come out well!!

I'm always sad when the Dottess term comes to an end, but I have high hopes to be returning again next year!! I really wanted to go out with a 'bang' with this last project, and I've had this idea floating around in my head for awhile now. I saw it on Pinterest back in the day with Pinterest just started, and I haven't been able to find it again since!

So the story starts like this: I came home from work one day, and the kids were kicking this metal globe around in the yard. Random, right? The idea of this project popped back into my head, but I figured this globe was already past it's prime after the swift kicks from my children. I began the not-so-intense search for an old, a little more gently cared for globe, and came up empty. Seeming as I had little other choices, I asked my handyman to take the two halves of the globe apart, while sparing at least one half's life, and affix it to some old wood. He got my vision perfectly!
Next, I got all of my supplies together. Making Memories Canvas letters, Tim Holtz Alpha-Parts, and my Ultra-Thin Glue Dots®. I know all the of letters I was using were self-adhesive, but I'm never a fan of not reinforcing things, especially when they're being used on home decor items. The Ultra-Thin Glue Dots® give the hold I need, without adding bulk under the letters. I adhered them all down to a piece of heavy craft cardstock and cut them out.

I'll admit, I have a new-found appreciation for Pop-Up Glue Dots®!! I've used them on scrapbook pages and canvas work before, but I LOVED them on this project! I don't have to remind you that the globe I was working on is round. Not an easy shape to work with. I loaded up the backs of the words with the Pop-Up Glue Dots®, and they stuck AMAZINGLY well. Seriously thrilled.

The only place I added a little support behind the word is with 'world'. A lot of the word was not adhered to the globe (again, due to the round-ness I was dealing with). I used a small piece of the craft cardstock I was working with and made a little support, again, adhered with Pop-Up Glue Dots®.

Here are a few more views of the finished product:

So I kind of love it!! I'm a little sad that I didn't have the hubs try and save the other half! LOL!

I can't wait until there's more news about the next Glue Dots Dottess term, and trust me, I'll keep you updated!! I'll be back soon with pictures and a post about my little man's party. He decided he didn't like anything in the world more than his favorite color of green, so he's having a green party!!

Until next time!!

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team


Looking at things with a whole new light!

Hey everyone!! So, I HAVE to share...my oldest child had his first day of school today!! Things went incredibly well, he has an awesome teacher, and he can't wait to go back tomorrow!
SO CUTE! Love that kid.

Anyway, I had a little time over this last weekend to pull out some of my Glue Dots®, and I finished up a project that I'd been meaning to get done for the last six months! We'd redone our daughters bedroom for her birthday (in February. Literally, six months.), and she'd picked out a bed lamp that seemed more fit for an office desk. I wanted to give it a little more personality, so I grabbed my buttons, Glue Dots®, and went crazy!

I used Craft Glue Dots® for the normal to large sized buttons, and my Mini Glue Dots® for the smaller ones. I love the fact that this project took just as long as it took me to pick which buttons went where...no dry time!!! Now it fits perfectly into her LaLaLoopsy decor (that post is here)!

(oh, disclaimer...and I recommend using a low watt bulb with this project, but the lamp calls for that in the first place) :)

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team


My New Hobby!

First off, thank you to everyone for the awesome comments from the Glue Dots/Basic Grey/Lindy's Stamp Gang Blog Hop! It was my first video tutorial, so it was all trial and error, but I think it turned out pretty well! (click here to go back and see it!)

So it's no secret that I'm super super busy at my job, and to top it off, I have over an hour commute each way. I leave early, come home late, and find time to sleep and eat occasionally. That leaves crafting times few and far between, because family always comes first in this household! While I'm not giving up on my crafting by any means, I wanted to find something that was a little more portable, a little easier to pick up and put down as needed, but still getting my crafty fill. Hmm.

I've referenced her before, and I'm sure this won't be the last time: I get huge inspiration from Christy Tomlinson! (Her blog is here and her online store is here!) I subscribe to her monthly kit club (happy birthday to me from the amazing hubby!), and following her blog, Pinterest, and Facebook is a constant source creative fuel! She started doing 'faces' a while back, and they look AMAZING. Now, I thought...She's an artist. I'm an artist-wanna-be. I put the idea of my being able to draw faces out of my mind...until last night. I thought, what makes an artist? Talent? Skill? Sales? Careers?  Nope! Just the love of the art. And that I have.

So I'm going to draw faces.

Portable, time-friendly, and crafty. This could work. I scoured Pinterest, came up with a few good tutorials, and drew this:

Ok, admittedly a little scary. Cross between a police sketch and an alien with death-ray eyes. But for a first go, I'm pretty proud of this gal!
I didn't add hair at first because I was afraid of completely messing her up, so I took her to work, made copies, and went all beauty school on her head.

Hair Number One
Hair Number Two

Ok, so hair number one was ok, but hair number two was good! I started shading things a bit on her, too. Cheek bones, skin tone...even added a flower to her hair.

So it's a start! I'm going to keep playing. Keep creating. Maybe some day she'll even make it to a canvas :)


Summer Travel Blog Hop

Welcome!! We're hopping along today with Lindy's Stamp Gang, Basic Grey and Glue Dots® seeing the Summer Travel projects the design teams have made! If you need to get back to the beginning of the blog hop, click here!
I have to admit, this was a super easy project to create!! Basic Grey's new line, Carte Postale, is PERFECT for all of your travel -- and any other themed -- projects. The fabulous folks at Lindy's Stamp Gang sent a plethora of amazing sprays to play with, and they easily coordinated with the BG paper. And, of course, my Glue Dots® were right there to hold it all together!!

If you've stopped by my blog before, you'll see that this post is a little different for me...it's my first video blog!! I'll admit that I was super nervous while I was filming this, but somehow I edited it into a semi-presentable movie (with thanks to my tech-savvy brother, Tracy, and Miss E. at Glue Dots!)

So, without further adieu, here's the show!! 
(Here's the link for all of you mobile viewers! http://youtu.be/nAEhFVMH6R0)

Here are some pictures of the finished product:
Finished product!

Oh, how I wish these tags were real souvenirs!! This memoir box would be full!!
Notice the dyed bakers twine??

I LOVE the rich colors from these mists!!

How fun!! Big thanks to Basic Grey and Lindy's Stamp Gang for sharing such awesome supplies! I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with, so let's get going to the next stop!!

Erin (you're here!)
Samantha (go here next!)

Supplies Used:
Cardstock - Carte Postale - Basic Grey
Mists - Lindy's Stamp Gang
Glue Dots® - Mini, Micro, Lines
Paper Mache Book Box - Hobby Lobby
Letter Stickers - Dear Lizzy
Bakers Twine
I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® design team


Birthday Cake Decor with Glue Dots®

Eek! A month since I last blogged! Sheesh! Things at work continue to be crazy, and I'm traveling from one end of the state to the other a few times a month. The good news is that there's light at the end of the tunnel (let's hope it's not a train!!), and things should at least be slowing down pretty soon!
I was thrilled when the lovely ladies (and possibly a few gents!) at Glue Dots wanted us to create some birthday decor. Little Miss O's birthday was earlier this year, and I was just waiting for a good opportunity to share how to make this cute little cake banner!

Banners seem to be all the rage right now with decorating, especially for a party. Anyone who knows me when it comes to my kids birthdays, I tend to go over the top with their cakes! This birthday was not the exception, either. A banner on the birthday cake? Genius!
While I was perusing the party section at Wally World, I came across some clearance flags on toothpicks. A pack of 30 for 50 cents! I wasn't sure how they would work, but the colors were perfect. The first step was getting the toothpicks out of the equation.

Use your fingernail (or whatever else you'd like) to tear one side of the flag's paper. This gives you a great little space to adhere them along your string. I used Micro Glue Dots® and bakers twine.

I used Mini Glue Dots® to adhere some K&Company chipboard letters to the front of the flags.

Leave enough extra twine to be able to wrap and tie the ends of the banner around the supports. I used paper straws from Target (again, on clearance! Score!)

So, a little over the top with all of the other decorations, but Little Miss O loved it...and I'll admit...I kind of did, too!

If you're wanting to see more of this la-la-lovely LaLaLoopsy party, check out my post here and here!

Supplies used:
  • Micro and Mini Glue Dots®
  • Baker's Twine (The Twinery)
  • Chipboard Letters (K&Company)
  • Paper straws (Target)
  • Toothpick flags (Wal-Mart)

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® design team


Buttons Galore and More Blog Hop

Hi! My name is Erin and you've made it to my stop along the Buttons Galore & More Blog Hop. Thanks for joining us! If you came here first and need to get back to the beginning, click here!

I was super excited for our Glue Dots® team to partner with Buttons Galore & More for this hop! They have the cutest buttons, and I am thrilled to work with them for my project today.

I created a gift for graduation for my project today. It feels like I always get stuck in a rut of a card and some moolah as graduation presents. It's easy, right?? Well, this project is just as easy, and it gives the student something to keep for years to come (and it still can include $$!).

I started with a simple, clear ornament. I made a graduation cap to cover the top of the hanger.

Knowing my weakness of getting anything glued onto an ornament straight, I started this time using a small rubber band. I stretched it around the ornament until it was nice and straight, and used that as a guide to put my Thickers foam numbers on. Oh, and BONUS! My empty roll of Glue Dots® is perfect to hold the ornament while I work on it!
hehehe...kind of a self portrait here, too!
 To finish this up, I added an cute little football button from Buttons Galore & More using Craft Glue Dots® (after I cut the plastic shank off the back using nail clippers). I made a tassel and added that to the top of the cap, then rolled up some money, tied it with some rick rack, and adhered that on with a Mini Glue Dot®

This is a great project because it's quick and completely customizable with different colors, buttons or even adding their name.  

Thanks for joining me along the hop today! 

Here's the complete line up:
(You are here!! --->) Erin Bullock
(Go here next!)  Joy Dickson

Materials used:
  • Clear glass ornament
  • Thickers - Sunny Glitter Foam Letters
  • Canary Rick Rack - Wrights
  • Green string
  • DCVW - The Silky Smooth Cardstock Stack
  • Football Button - Buttons Galore & More
  •  Glue Dots®: Craft and Mini

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team


A Quick Mother's Day Treat

So I'll start by saying that if you happen to be Marty, my own, personal mother, STOP HERE! Ha! Spoiler alert!! You'll be seeing this very shortly in person, so Happy Mother's Day in advance!!

Let me say that I am becoming very aware of the fact that I'm an extremely good shopper! I have an eye for bargains, and I know exactly what styles I like to work with. That being said, my space is extremely limited as far as storage and workspace. I've put myself on a shopping freeze (except for my monthly kit subscription...I need my Scarlet Lime!!), and I'm forcing myself to use up the enormous stash that I have. 

I picked up a cork board at a crafty store for $1 (before the shopping freeze!), not knowing what I would eventually make with it (but seriously, for $1?!? I could come up with something, surely). I have a bag of flower petals my best crafty friend was getting rid of (free!), and a super huge stash of Thickers -- one of those craft items I like so much I never want to use! Add some American Crafts ribbon, some Craft and XL Glue Dots®, and you've got yourself an awesome cork board for someone special!

Quick, easy, inexpensive, and a Mother's Day present your mother might actually use :)
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team


Playing Along with The Play Date Cafe!

I always check over with The Play Date Cafe to see their color creations for the week, and this week was irresistible! I've been feeling in a creative rut recently, so this was the perfect pick-me-up to get going again.

Here is the inspiration picture (which I kind of love!!) they pulled their colors from:

And here is what I came up with!

I love this color combo, and I love even more that a new paper pad I got from Basic Grey matched this combo perfectly!! I'm kind of excited about this card, too, because it's going to a special cousin who's graduating college soon. So proud of her and the accomplishments she's making in her life!!

I love these pins from Little Yellow Bicycle, and I'm always looking for a chance to use them :)
I stuck everything down with Glue Dots, and I added an extra little dab of Elmer's Craft Bond on the stick part of the pins to keep them in line.

So, congrats, Heather! So proud of you.


EcoScrapbooking eBook Launch Party


 You've made it to my stop along the EcoScrapbooking eBook launch party!! If you missed the first few posts, click here to start at the beginning!
My name is Erin and I'm glad you've joined us today. I first want to wish Danielle a very happy belated birthday, and much congratulations on releasing her book! She's put a lot of hard work into this project, and I'm so fortunate that she included me in it.

Eco-conscious scrapbooking has always been in my brain, but I'd never put a name to it until I met Danielle! I love repurposing old or found items and including it in my work. There's something about using vintage materials that gives pieces just the right 'look'!

Check out Danielle's new eBook, EcoScrapbooking: Crafty Ideas for Eco-Conscious Scrapbookers by clicking here! Feel free to check out the PDF version here, as well.

I thought I'd throw whip us a super quick and easy eco-friendly project for you. I know this eBook is about scrapbooking, but I love the reuse of these materials to make a mouse pad!

My workplace was redoing their logo, and all of their current promotional items were getting tossed. Although I knew I didn't have much use for 23 mouse pads, I couldn't see them get thrown away, either! I was sure I could repurpose them.

I trimmed my paper down to the size of the mouse pad, ran lines of Continuous Glue Lines around the edges, and adhered the paper. See? Super easy!! I finished it off with a top coat to seal the paper.


Kudos on your eBook, again, Danielle!!
Keep of hopping, folks! Thanks for stopping by!

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Materials for the mouse pad:
  • Mouse Pad
  • DCWV The Green Stack 8x8
  • Continuous Glue Lines
  • Mod Podge