A Lalaloopsy Birthday - and New Bedroom!

So I realize it's been FOREVER since I last posted! I've been traveling like crazy for work, and I've realized that the few moments I do have at home need to be focused on my kiddos. Because of all of that, I'm JUST getting around to posting about my (not-so) little girl's Lalaloopsy birthday party and new Lalaloopsy bedroom! I am completely thrilled with how it all turned out. My family was able to drive down from Ohio to celebrate with us, and she had a wonderful weekend with them.

Her cake was just a bit over the top, but I really couldn't help myself! I just kept adding, and adding, and adding...until there was absolutely NO MORE ROOM to add any more!!

Her bedroom was my favorite part of the whole thing. She has an incredibly tiny room that, until the redecorating, only had a toddler bed. She's getting to be tall and lanky (could it be genetic?), so the switch to a twin bed was a must.

We found super huge vinyl wall clings that added the perfect touch.

I try to contain her growing collection of Lalaloopsy dolls on top of her bookshelf, but it looks like I'm going to have to find more space if any more are added!

And now to my favorite part of the decor...the plush tree and clouds!

Let me begin by saying that yes, I own a sewing machine, but it's mostly used for scrapbooking. I am by no means a great seamstress. I hate buying things that I'm pretty sure I could make.

After flipping through Lalaloopsy books and studying the pictures on their packaging, I knew the look that I was going for. I bought a few coordinating fat quarters and material for the base of the tree and got to stitching!

To me, the technique (and I use that term loosely) that 'made' these pieces is the extra stitching around the edges. After praying that I wouldn't completely jam or break the sewing machine, I flattened the edges of the stuffed pieces and shoved it back through the machine, pinching and praying with each little stitch. Not only did it make the pieces fluffier (here I go with horrible terminology again...the extra stitch packed the stuffing in tighter, making it fluffier...make sense?), but it gave it the look that I was trying to replicate from all of the pictures.

The extra stitching wasn't as evident on the clouds, so I added a hand stitched border using blue floss

And then came the dilemma of getting these 'pillows' attached to the wall. I essentially wanted to hang them somehow, so I stitched a few loops on the backs and hung them using the teeny tiniest of those removable wall hooks. They work perfectly!!!

Here's a list of where we found everything, in case you're looking to create a Lalaloopsy bedroom for your little princess!!
Her cute little chandelier is from Lowes
Picked up the fabric at JoAnn's

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