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Hey everyone!! So, I HAVE to share...my oldest child had his first day of school today!! Things went incredibly well, he has an awesome teacher, and he can't wait to go back tomorrow!
SO CUTE! Love that kid.

Anyway, I had a little time over this last weekend to pull out some of my Glue Dots®, and I finished up a project that I'd been meaning to get done for the last six months! We'd redone our daughters bedroom for her birthday (in February. Literally, six months.), and she'd picked out a bed lamp that seemed more fit for an office desk. I wanted to give it a little more personality, so I grabbed my buttons, Glue Dots®, and went crazy!

I used Craft Glue Dots® for the normal to large sized buttons, and my Mini Glue Dots® for the smaller ones. I love the fact that this project took just as long as it took me to pick which buttons went where...no dry time!!! Now it fits perfectly into her LaLaLoopsy decor (that post is here)!

(oh, disclaimer...and I recommend using a low watt bulb with this project, but the lamp calls for that in the first place) :)

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots design team

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