We're nuts about you, Dad!

Last post: Mother's Day.
Today's post: Father's Day!

You'll be glad to know that my time in between posts will be a little less than from holiday to holiday from now on. The Deeply Rooted household has finally set down their roots again! We're out of our temporary housing and into our newly gutted, re-everything-ed and renovated home. It feels wonderful to be getting back into a routine and re-familiarizing ourselves to our 'stuff' (it's like Christmas with each opening of a box!).

For Father's Day gifts we often have to delve into the mind of our husbands, and if you husband's anything like mine, that can be a scary trip! I wanted a project that the kids could help me with, but something beyond a scribbled picture or a bad combination of Elmer's and popsicle sticks. I came up with the modern-day Father's Day picture frame:

 I started out with a clear CD case (remember those things? CD's?) and took the front off to use. I awkwardly asked my father-in-law if I could have a few of his nuts (his face was priceless), and folded down some Craft Glue Dots® to adhere them randomly around the case:

 Make this unique to the dad in your life! Find what he likes and make your own Father's Day frame!

        ...unless he likes pizza. Then you might just make him a pizza.

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team


Mother's Day Made Easy!

Hi there! I’m finally back to help this poor blog feel a little less neglected (it has been) and a little more loved (because it is!) For those of you curious about the Deeply Rooted house, remodeling is almost done, and we’ll be moving in next week! Anything not finished by D-Day will surely get put on “The List”, and I’m sure we’ll get around to doing it sometime in the next few years.

While I’ve been busy working away, either at the new job or at the house, I’ve spared some time for my little lovelies…Glue Dots! Let me just tell you, I love this company!! The folks at Glue Dots recently put together little care packages for each design team member, and each and every goodie was so appreciated!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and my friends at Glue Dots wanted to see how we could use their wonderful adhesives to make quick and easy presents to celebrate Mom. My first project is for all of you ‘greenies’ (aka up-cyclers, re-users or salvage Sallys!). Gift cards are a quick and easy way to give someone a gift you know they’ll love, but they can oftentimes feel impersonal. Show Mom you care by taking a few minutes to make a simple, thoughtful gift card holder out of (none other than) a toilet paper roll!

Prep Time Needed: A Few Days (or as long as it takes your family to use up a roll of toilet paper!)
Project Time Needed: less than 5 minutes

Trim the paper to fit your cardboard roll. I used a paper with a nice pattern on it so I wouldn’t have to worry about much extra time and material for decoration. Using your Continuous Glue Line
®, apply glue to all four edges of your cut-to-fit paper. Line your paper up with the roll and adhere all the way around the cardboard tube. Fold each edge of the tube in on itself, making a pillow shape. Cut and attach ribbon (or any other decorations you’d prefer) using Craft Glue Dots®
Materials Used:
Toilet Paper Tube
My Mind's Eye Lost and Found - Market Street 6x6 Paper Pad
Stampin' Up! Fairy Tale Ribbon
Making Memories Sentiments Embossed Charms
Glue Dots Continuous Lines
Craft Glue Dots®

For my second project, I solved a beautiful dilemma. I knew I wanted to get my mother a fun new baking pan, but, really…how ‘fun’ does a baking pan ever look?? Boring, grey, blah, right? I looked at the pan, looked at my stash of crafting fun, and (somewhat brilliantly, I might add) came up with the idea of using the pan just like the ever-so-popular crafting trays! You’ve seen them, right? They’re printing press-esque trays that you add paper, trinkets, and pictures to, but who said they had to be done in a tray?!?

I cut out some My Mind's Eye papers to fit the bottoms of the pan and used a packet of die cuts from Heidi Grace as my little embellies. I even found these cute little laser cut wooden kitchen utensils from Kaiser Crafts to add on! Most importantly, everything is adhered using Removable Glue Dots®, so there’ll be no stickiness left in the pan when Mom's ready to use it (for its intended purpose, that is), and EVEN MORE importantly, My Mom the Crafter can reuse all of the papers and pretties on the tray in her own crafting magical creations!

Materials Used:
Removable Glue Dots®
Pampered Chef Brownie Pan
My Mind's Eye Lost and Found - Market Street 6x6 Paper Pad
Heidi Grace Daydream Die Cut Accents
Making Memories Sentiments Embossed Charms
My Mind's Eye Stella Rose Trim
Stampin' Up! Fairy Tale Ribbon
Kaiser Crafts Wooden Flourish - Kitchen Utensils
{my momma!}

So, as this project is for my actual mother for Mother's Day (and she's seeing this before I've actually had a chance to give it to her), HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM!!

Well, there you go, fellow crafters. Two quick and easy ideas to make your mother feel special, loved, and like she should bake something good for you to eat!!