12x12 paper - You Have Met Your Match!!

I've been taking some time to organize, clean and purse my stash lately. It feels great!!! I sat down one night last week and sorted through ALL of my 12x12 paper. Stacks, loose and scraps...all of it. I came to the conclusions that a) I'm a smart shopper, b) I am very unorganized, and c) I have way too much paper!!!
I decided I'm a pretty smart shopper, because I always say that to get a page or card to easily coordinate, use papers from the same line. They'll match without being 'matchy-matchy'. This being said, I have a lot of loose 12x12 that I want organized together. I've gotten a few lines that are sent in a plastic bag, seals at the top, kept together and organized, but I also have a lot that's sent loose. 
I mentioned to my Dad that it would be fabulous to be able to find plastic bags at the store that were at least 13x13 to be able to hold all of my paper lines, and what did he find?!

YEA!!! So they're Hefty brand 2.5 gallon bags that measure 14 3/8 in. by 16 in. I'm sure there are other brands out there that carry 2.5 gallon bags, but these are the first I've seen!! They even have a zipper at the top for easy transportation. I'm headed to a scrapbooking weekend with a great friend and my mom in two weeks and these will be PERFECT to get everything there in one piece!
Now to get that stack of papers into these bags...wish me luck!!!

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