Crib to Toddler Bed Layout

Merry Christmas from the Deeply Rooted house!!!


That's right, folks! We're busy getting the house re-decorated for Christmas! Our youngest kiddo's 4th birthday party is tomorrow, and she wanted a Christmas party!! I am IN LOVE with this idea! Not only can we recycle so many things from last Christmas, but we scored everything extra we needed to decorate during the after Christmas sales! SCORE!!

I was taking a mom-minute and reminiscing over the last 4 years of this hilariously exuberant kid, remembering all of her 'firsts' so far, and started thinking about how much she's grown!! I saw this page in her scrapbook when she transitioned from her crib to it's toddler bed form.

Close up of before

Close up of after (not the best picture...oh well!)

Journaling card
I can't wait to celebrate my little cutie's birthday tomorrow!!! I'm sure pictures will be coming soon!