'Well Done' Canvas

I'll admit, I've been a little canvas obsessed lately. I love the fact that you can put all of the love, detail, and depth onto a piece of work that you can then hang up and admire every day! This is the first larger (16x20) canvas that I've done. I have done everything else on 8x10's or smaller. I didn't think that a larger canvas would pose much of an issue, but I did find that I was at more of a loss at times as to what I should add next than when working on the smaller pieces. I'm sure that just comes with time and getting used to working on a bit of a larger scale.
I didn't know exactly where I was going with this piece at first, but as I kept adding, digging through my stash of materials, and daydreaming about this girl, it because very clear: I was creating me! It wasn't until her hair was drawn on that I realized that I had just put myself, as best as I could, onto canvas.
So, with mild trepidation about being a bit personal here, here it is:

I found this awesome paper doily at my local paper supply store, and I might have been just beyond giddy when I was able to run it through my typewriter without any problems (or typos!).

This song by Moriah Peters speaks volumes to my life during this past year or so. It was 100% a huge leap of faith when my husband and I uprooted our family, left our house, I changed jobs, and moved to where God was calling us. As it always is with God's hand on your life, it was the best decision we could have made, and we have been blessed beyond words.
I used the same materials that I normally use for my canvas work, including acrylic paints, rub-on's, Faber Castell pens, and Mod Podge (for more info on my normal supplies, check out this post!).
 My favorite 'happy accident' about this piece was my girl's face. I randomly pulled out a page from my dictionary, cut her face out, and adhered it down. It wasn't until I was doing my detail work that I realized exactly what page and what specific section I used: happy. How fitting.

As trends, styles, likes and dislikes come and go through the years, I know that this is a canvas that will be hanging on my wall for a long, long while. Every time I look at it, I think back, remember God's hand on my life, and smile :)