My New Hobby!

First off, thank you to everyone for the awesome comments from the Glue Dots/Basic Grey/Lindy's Stamp Gang Blog Hop! It was my first video tutorial, so it was all trial and error, but I think it turned out pretty well! (click here to go back and see it!)

So it's no secret that I'm super super busy at my job, and to top it off, I have over an hour commute each way. I leave early, come home late, and find time to sleep and eat occasionally. That leaves crafting times few and far between, because family always comes first in this household! While I'm not giving up on my crafting by any means, I wanted to find something that was a little more portable, a little easier to pick up and put down as needed, but still getting my crafty fill. Hmm.

I've referenced her before, and I'm sure this won't be the last time: I get huge inspiration from Christy Tomlinson! (Her blog is here and her online store is here!) I subscribe to her monthly kit club (happy birthday to me from the amazing hubby!), and following her blog, Pinterest, and Facebook is a constant source creative fuel! She started doing 'faces' a while back, and they look AMAZING. Now, I thought...She's an artist. I'm an artist-wanna-be. I put the idea of my being able to draw faces out of my mind...until last night. I thought, what makes an artist? Talent? Skill? Sales? Careers?  Nope! Just the love of the art. And that I have.

So I'm going to draw faces.

Portable, time-friendly, and crafty. This could work. I scoured Pinterest, came up with a few good tutorials, and drew this:

Ok, admittedly a little scary. Cross between a police sketch and an alien with death-ray eyes. But for a first go, I'm pretty proud of this gal!
I didn't add hair at first because I was afraid of completely messing her up, so I took her to work, made copies, and went all beauty school on her head.

Hair Number One
Hair Number Two

Ok, so hair number one was ok, but hair number two was good! I started shading things a bit on her, too. Cheek bones, skin tone...even added a flower to her hair.

So it's a start! I'm going to keep playing. Keep creating. Maybe some day she'll even make it to a canvas :)

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