It's Not About the Number.

It used to always be about the number.

The scale was the boss of me. It determined what I ate, and more importantly, what I didn't eat. I don't have to greatest track record of getting fit in a healthy way, I'll be the first to admit that.

My New Year's resolution for 2014 was to get back into shape, the right way. I began attending trampoline aerobics, which is AWESOME. Going to a group class has not only given me accountability, but I've made some great friends in the process, too! In the first six months, full of hard work and dedication, I managed to loose 30 pounds, which I'm extremely proud of.

The next six months, I continued to change...I could tell in the way my clothes fit, for sure. The dreaded scale, however, didn't budge. For six months. Talk about throwing the stupid thing out the window!!!

I'm obviously not looking for a quick pop-a-pill fix, but I knew I needed to switch things up somewhere. Looking at my meals, I'm quite the snacker. Eating small meals through the day is great, but I ate three typical meals, with several snacks in between. Mostly chocolate snacks...

Enter CocoaLean.

So I start my morning with a CocoaLean tablet (shaped like a vitamin, tastes like chocolate. I'll take it.), followed by my normal breakfast. Instead of packing a baggie of sugary cereal or pretzels (or both), I chew one or two CocoaLean chews between meals (think chewy chocolate caramel type), and one more tablet before lunch.

I'm still on my trampoline class kick, still eating pretty healthy meals, but I'm also over my dreaded scale plateau! I'm snacking less, and not missing it at all.

If you're see me around, ask me for a chew! They're usually in my pocket at all times! Check them out here, too.

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