Family of Five

After a weekend of prayers, paperwork, research, and typing, a meeting was held this morning to determine the placement of Z in our family. I usually don't mind the fact that our agency is on the West coast, but when their meeting is held 'in the morning', that means mid-afternoon, and when we'll hear something 'by the end of the day', that means around our dinner time.

Well, we've had dinner, and now we also have some new news!!

It was decided (by some obviously very intelligent folks) that Z would, in fact, be a great fit for our family!

In other words,
Family of Five!!

     ...I'm still letting that sink in...     ....it's not quite there yet...

I can't even begin to explain the GOODNESS of our God!!! I love the big picture perspective that the Lord's providing me through all of this. He's so at work through every part of this that it's undeniable.

We were also informed that typically it is a requirement for pre-matched families (that's us) to utilize the Dossier Preparation Service provided by the agency (to the tune of $600). However, not surprisingly, they said we weren't typical...
   ...they don't even know the extent of that statement yet...
They were using this weekend as a test of our dedication and paperwork capabilities, and we passed! They're letting us bypass the DPS requirement and complete all of the Dossier paperwork ourselves, saving the $600!! Here's to keeping organized and on top of things...

Current prayer requests:
1) Z's transition. I know it won't be for quite a while yet, but it's going to be difficult.
2) Finances. They double checked on today's phone call that we would have the finances in order to see this to the end, and the line went somewhat silent when I said that the Lord had it all in His plan. lol! Please be prayerfully considering if you're being called to help us. I'll be letting you know more about this very soon.
3) Paperwork. There will be A LOT of it. A ton. Possibly literally. Prayers for organization have never been more needed.

Thank you all already for all of the support you've shown. The only reason I can have patience through this whole experience is because I can't wait to see the Lord has in store for us every day. If you're ever doubting Him in your life, just give me a call. I'll tell you what He's done for us!!

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