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Since the last adoption update, there hasn't been much new adoption wise to write about. We've completed our first of three home study visits, which brought a whole new stack of papers to sift through. Certificates have been requested, forms are being filled out, and each evening I find myself typing away, trying to make it a few steps up the mountain that lies ahead of us.

We've made a dedicated Facebook page that you can check out here.

Several of you have been asking what type of help we need right now, and I'm finally ready to update you on our needs:

   -Prayer. Always first and foremost, we need prayer. Prayers for the process of paperwork to be completed and returned to us in a timely manner, prayers of patience, prayers of continued blind faith...we need prayers. Please also be in prayer about Z's medical condition. We're hoping to receive some updated information on his special needs in the next few weeks, and, of course, would love the best news possible! There will be a post forthcoming regarding exactly how God made him physically special when the time presents itself.

  We're currently scheduling every manner of fundraisers we can think of, including Scrapbooking Crops, a 5k walk/run / family 1 mile, a benefit dinner/silent auction (all both in Kentucky and in Ohio, possibly), and several more, as they come. Keep an eye out here and on our Facebook page for updates and dates, once they're set

You amazing folks have also inquired about direct donations. We've set up an account at our Credit Union specifically for bringing home Z, and there are several ways to access it:

 - Paypal: Look up on the upper left hand side of this blog. See the 'donate' button? That's one choice! There's the option for a one time donation, or monthly donations, if you happen to feel called to that.

 - Check: You can send a check directly to the Credit Union.
On the 'Payment To' line, write: Erin Bullock / Adoption Fund.
It can be mailed to:
Bullock Adoption Fund 
c/o Kentucky Employees Credit Union 
100 Moore Drive 
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

 - Us: If you're local, or happen to have our address, you can give it or mail it directly to us.

Things are moving much faster than we ever anticipated at the beginning of this journey, which is SUCH A BLESSING to getting Z home ASAP! With that speedy of a process, we're also looking at raising funds faster than we had planned. I am trying my very best (and praying when I'm not at my best) to remember that God has called us to this process, and He's handling every step of the way, including these finances!!

Thank you all for your continued support. We'll be starting our first fundraiser with Handwritten Forward tomorrow, so watch for posts on our Facebook page!!

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