Write Your Story on my Heart

I *finally* had an opportunity to get to my craft desk, and I've been wanting to do another canvas for so long! I started with one idea, didn't like how it was headed, and started going in a completely different direction. This piece originally wasn't going to have a girl on it, but once the background was done, it just seemed right.
I'll be honest, I'm not thrilled with this background. I started by decoupaging a map patterned paper onto the canvas, which was too busy of a choice, I think .I tried to tone it down a bit, but then it just started looking muddy. I prefer to start with a more simple background and add more dimension and texture through layers rather than a busy background. Lesson learned!

 My new favorite song is called Write Your Story on my Heart by Francesca Battistelli. I love it's message and the reminder to be open to God's voice and leading in life. I love using song lyrics on canvases, because looking at them brings me back to that time in my life and reminds me how far I've come!

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  1. I love your pic! I found it doing a search on google. I am the President of a nonprofit called Crowns of Hope. I raise funds for girls who are rescued from trafficking and pay for Christian therapy for them. I am wanting to write numerous short stories about a girl healing from trafficking and post them on my social media to bring attention to the need for healing for these girls. I wanted to use this picture of the girl with the crown that says believe if you would allow it. The crown is a huge part of the symbolism I use to remind these girls that they are a daughter of a King who loves them. Please let me know if I can have permission to use this in my awareness stories. My website is crownsofhopetexas.org Thanks,
    Toni McKinley