M-I-N-N-I-E M-O-U-S-E!!!!

Ok, I realize the song is M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, but this weekend at the Deeply Rooted House, it's was all about Minnie and a birthday party for a sweet little girl!

Her birthday isn't actually for a few weeks, but we'll be in a post-moving frenzy at that point, so we decided to celebrate a bit early.

There's more in here, right??

Love these Melissa and Doug dress up dolls!

Now, if you've seen my previous posts on this little missy's first birthday party (with the owl cake), or her older brother's Word World cake, you've seen that cakes are my 'thing' for their parties. I love making them, taking oodles and oodles of way-too-much time to make them completely awesome. And this year?

Epic fail.

So you've heard we're moving, right? Last week of work, packing, stress, and a busy (i-had-to-go-to-a-stampin'-up-party-that-morinig) day? Time escaped me, and alas, the cake didn't happen.
Cupcakes, however, did:

Did you know that when you put a Starburst in the microwave for 19 seconds, it becomes a pliable, but not-yet-sticky molding putty? I did!!! Chocolate wafers for the ears, white chocolate chips for the dots, and molded Starbursts for the bows. Yum!!

As crunched for time as I was, I did have a few minutes to make some totally cute party favors for all of the kids:

I decided I had enough time to make these about 15 minutes before the party started!! They're super, super easy!!

1. Cut circles from craft foam (I used one of the paper cups for the party to trace a circle)
2. Cut a curve from the circle so it will fit to the headband
3. Apply a 1" Glue Line® to the curve on the craft foam, adhere to the headband.

To go from 'Mickey' to 'Minnie', make a bow and stick it on between the ears using a Craft Glue Dot®.

Even after the party, they'll still love to play with them!

Another way to easily customize your party is to make cup cozies!

I used a coffee cup cozie as a template and traced that onto my patterned paper:

I used the Mickey Font cartridge on my Cricut to cut the Mickey shape with the '2'. While I was hurriedly cutting foam ears (remember? Just before the party started?), my husband stole the 1" Glue Strips®, glued these to fit the cups, and grabbed the Mini Glue Dots® to stick the shape on. 

Parties can be exhausting! At least I always have six months to recover from one child's birthday before the next one rolls around!!

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® design team.


  1. You are so talented!!!

    -Stephanie S.

  2. What a cute Minnie Mouse projects.... So cute and everything just blended in so perfectly......
    Wow moving that must be awesome to where it may be....

  3. LOVE this Erin!!! I love cupcakes so much more than cake anyway! Love the ears too - it looks like EVERYONE had fun! :)