A CAS for Friendship's Garden from an upside-down house!

 While things are starting to wind down in recovery from the holidays in households across the world, things at my house are just starting to get crazy.
You see, in just three short weeks, we're moving!!
We'll be traveling 250 miles and 4.5 hours to a new job (for me -- hubby will still be a Stay-At-Home Super Man!) and temporary housing. The temporary arrangements will be nice, but as for the crafting space...that will be an issue! I'll be getting creative on crafting time, location, and hopefully not be using the same piece of paper for every project!!
If my projects come together as smoothly for my upcoming work as well as today's card did, I'll be good to go!!
Today's project for Friendship's Garden was to create a CAS (clean and simple) card using a sentiment. While my son was playing with his lego monster trucks at the kitchen counter, I ran downstairs, picked up materials for my card:

Using the monster trucks as inspiration (ha!), I picked one sheet of the 8x8 stack, sentiment sticker from MME, flower and ribbon. I folded the paper hotdog style (that's how my 3rd grade art teacher described it...), added my sticker, and finished it off with my ribbon and flower adhered with micro Glue Dots.

Love that flower! Prima Flowers (found at Hobby Lobby)

Total time for the card (including fixing El Toro Loco's body after crashes with Grave Digger) was less than 5 minutes!

And just to sneak one last picture in, here's a picture of my {almost} two year old daughter playing with her balloon just after nap time today :)

Get your CAS cards linked up to the Friendship's Garden blog! I can't wait to see which monster truck inspires you!!!

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