String Art for baby Quinn

Hey, crafters!!

One of my best friends just had an amazingly beautiful baby girl, and I used some Pinterest inspiration to make this super cute wall hanging for the nursery.

I started by printing off the letters in the size and font that I wanted my text to be, and taping that down to the board.

I used a clothes pin to help hold the nails as I nailed along my printed letters
 (it was about here that my hand started to cramp...
 And here are the nails finished.
 Next rip off the paper from around the nails, are you're left with...
The most genius part of this project is this pencil. Hollow out a mechanical pencil and cut the tip off of where the lead usually comes out. Thread your string through and use this little device to wrap your string around the nails...
Can't take credit for this idea...thanks, Janny!
 ...like this!

Close up of the wrapped string

Get creative!! Spell out anything you'd like, use whatever string you'd like...the possibilities are endless!!!

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