Another Pinterest Project!

Hello, hello, hello!

I figured that I was on a roll taking on new projects this last week (did you see my mixed media canvas??), so I decided to try and continue the trend! I've been eying a Pinterest idea for months now, and finally got around to trying it out.
I went to a second hand store and lucked out -- all of their pictures and frames were 50% off!! Add those to a few from my mother in law and a few (including the huge one!) my hubby found at a flea market, and you get this eclectic bunch:
I was looking for frames of all sizes, textures, and shapes, rather than focusing on color. I took the backing off the ones that had pictures in them and gave them all a good coat of flat black spray paint.

Next is the fun part!! Have some frame fun before they go on the wall!

Now to the hanging...
Wall - Before. Blah!!

Wall - After!
With the light off

This was so fun and easy to do!!! Walking past it just makes me smile.

Shouldn't every part of your house do that??


  1. Very nice! I may have to copy this idea myself.

  2. Love it Erin! Looks great!!

  3. What a great idea Erin, so simple but so incredibly stunning! A real eye catcher :)