Easy Spring Crafts with Glue Dots®!

Once upon a time, I heard that it takes repeating an action for two to three months for it to become a habit. Well, we've been set up in our temporary Deeply Rooted establishment (aka my awesome in-law's house) for almost two months, and things are starting to become routine. My new job is going well, and the remodeling of our perminant house is almost complete.
I'm still without a craft room for now, so here are a couple of quick, easy, already-have-materials-around-the-house projects to celebrate Spring!

These cute little carrot eggs are super, super easy and a fun twist on the traditional plastic egg.

I pulled some of the green strips out of a bag of crinkled basket grass, gathered them all up by their ends, and stuck them down on a perminent Glue Dot®. Use the Dot 'n Go® as a little base to sculpt and trim your carrot stems. Once you're happy with how it looks, peel the Dot off of the roll and slap it on the largest end of an orange plastic egg. Use a perminant marker to add some 'carrot lines', and you're done!

For project number two, I solved a little problem of mine. I love the look of having paper grass in Easter baskets, but I'm not a fan of it's mess! It's like tinsel at Christmas time.
Pretty, but UGH!
I used an adorable plastic egg-printed take out container (with the flaps to close it trimmed off) for my basket. My continuous Glue Lines® were perfect to line the inside edge of the basket.
Once the edge was lined with the Glue Lines®, I took the basket grass randomly smashed the grass onto the glue around all four sides.

You get the classic look of the basket grass without the mess!
Another craft solution from Glue Dots®! :)

I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team

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