Ready for the next set of letters?

LOA!!! This is what we've been waiting for for SO MANY MONTHS!! All of that paperwork, meetings, notaries (and more notaries...and more notaries...)... Here's our Letter of Acceptance!!!

I kind of feel like I'm back in the second grade, passing a note: Will you be my friend? Check YES or NO. Except this time, it's from a whole other country: Will you be a parent to this child? Check YES or NO.


I mean, really...who in their right mind would do ALL OF THIS WORK, just to be like, "Ummm, well I was thinking about it, and....I'm just going to not..."

Anyhow, this little paper, along with another huge stack of papers (shock...) are being sent out tomorrow! This original paper is going back to our agency to send back to China, a copy of this paper with all of the extras is going to get our final immigration approval for Z, and our passports will be sent off for travel visas!!

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