Late Night Craft-A-Thon!

I don't know about you, but inspiration usually strikes me at the most inopportune times.

My crafting mojo always shows up while I'm at work, during my 90 minute commute to or from work, or now: 12:30 in the morning after I've already completed the to-and-from work drive, with a 9 hour work shift in between.

So, I figure while I'm obviously still awake, I'll go ahead and share what my little mind came up with in the wee hours of this weekend...it's perfect for 4th of July celebrations coming up!

Forgive the iffy picture, I had to take it myself!
       ...go figure. everyone else in my household is sleeping! It's now 1am!!

Glue Lines®, XL Glue Dots®,
Headband and Flag
I found headbands with a little base already attached to it on clearance at the craft store over the weekend. I knew they would make the perfect base for a little flower-esque do-dad, made with Glue Dots®, of course!

These little flags were originally for my kids to play with, but I decided to confiscate one for this project. I twisted the flag into a little snail-like circle and adhered it to one side of an XL Glue Dot®. That whole piece then gets stuck down to the pre-mounted base. I used Glue Lines® to attach coordinating red ribbon from my stash onto the headband.

I had originally made this with my daughter in mind, but I'm kind of loving this for myself!
Good thing there are plenty of Glue Dots® to go around!!

Continuous Glue Lines®, XL Glue Dots®
4x6 American Flag
I Top Twist Headband - Imaginisce
Finishing Fibers - Darcie
I wrote this blog post while participating on the Glue Dots® Design Team

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