Handmade Christmas Giving...Pinterest Style!

Merry Christmas!! I'll probably have another project to post between now and when the Big Guy arrives from Christmastown, but I'll say it now, just in case!

We did a lot of 'name drawing' this year for family Christmases. I love this idea, because it not only simplifies the shopping experience, it gives a little reminder that presents aren't the reason for the season. Along with having a specific person to get a gift for, there was a limit on $$. Twenty dollars used to buy a lot in this world (and I'll stop there, risking sounding like my grandparents).
Anyhow, I was able to find a cute bag to benefit breast cancer (found online here), and it was only half of the budget. I wanted to do something crafty (imagine that), and to get my creativity flowing, I went a-Pinterest-ing for ideas -- and found this yard wrapped letter. I can do that!

 I used a couple of the Glue Lines occasionally through the wrapping process when my hands needed a break from holding the yarn (or when one of my kids needed me!)

Whew!! Ok, so I was a little ambitious using an 'S' as my first go at this! The curves were admittedly tricky. Too bad her name didn't start with an 'I'...
Anyhow, I added her favorite little cardinal bird onto the bottom of the finished 'S', and here you go:

I love how this turned out, even with the bumpy curves. Using a solid colored instead of the variegated yarn might have hidden my mistakes a little better. I'm sure practice makes perfect for these cute little things! If you're looking for a quick, easy (unless their names starts with an 'S') project, I promise your craft store won't be sold out of yard and paper mache letters like Toys R Us is sold out of Leap Pads!


  1. Erin I saw this same letters on Pinterest and thought they were really cute... You did a great job, it really looks awesome...

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