Quick page...and I mean QUICK!

So I'm on my own for a bit! My wonderful hubby took the kids to visit his parents out of state until Thanksgiving. It's only been a few days since they left, and I think I've slept the majority of the time away!! Hopefully I'll be able to get quite a few posts up while I have a bit of extra time on my hands.

I've had this piece of cardstock since I started scrapbooking in 2008, and I could never figure out how I wanted to use it. It's a very bold image, and already had a title printed on it. This combination can either equal a quick page or a challenge that takes 3 years to figure out!

I bought it because I was sure my son, in the years to come, would do something that would make me want to use this paper. While I'm sure that he did, this cardstock still never 'spoke' to me. It wasn't until my daughter came along that I wanted to pull this out!

Cardstock is Write Print Crafters 'Engine Tach'

All I did to complete this LO was to trim my pictures down to fit into a cluster to the side of the title and add my beloved Thickers letters (these were Iguana). I had run out of i's, so I used one of the tilde pieces to replace it! This page might have taken me 5 minutes to complete!

Are you ready for my tip of the day when it comes to using a sheet of letters? 

Use a water soluble marker to mark over the letters on the plastic packaging for the letters you'll need. You can easily tell if you'll have the correct letters for what you want to spell, and the marker will wipe right off with a tissue or baby wipe!

A lot of scrapbookers I've talked to say that they'd rather have their pages done, even if they don't love the page. While I have a hard time with this motto, personally, I think this page meets the best of both worlds!

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  1. I love this page!! what a cute little lady:)