Blog Hopping 095

(*Sorry for the weird look of this post before now...I tried mobile blogging, with an obvious epic fail!*)

Yep, this is a remedial course. Don’t worry, though, I don’t have out my red pen and I won’t be correcting any mistakes (except for grammatical ones…that’s genetic and I can’t help it). I’m not sure what I believe qualifies me to teach this course, except that if you’ve never hopped along on a blog hop, I’ve done one more than you have.   Admittedly, this post isn’t going to be for everybody. This one goes out to all of my new blogging newbie friends and specifically all of my hometown peeps who I’m dragging into the blogging world kicking and screaming (ok, maybe not the kicking part, but I swear I’ve heard them screaming from time to time).   Last weekend and this weekend was and will be two big firsts in my blogging career: bog hops. I ‘attended’ my first blog hop with The Twinery, and will be a host site in my first blog hop this coming weekend with the Ghoultide Blog Hop (and I have several more scheduled!). Hops are incredibly easy to participate in and you get tons of great ideas, tip and tricks along the way (and most of the times a chance at a bit o’ candy at the end if you follow all of the rules!)     I’ll run down the basics (given my vast experience, and all…) of the how-to’s of hopping so none of you have any reason not to participate this weekend!    

#1: Start with #1
Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start…(sorry. Showtunes ~even annoying ones~ run in my blood, too) Logical enough, though, right? You always want to start with the first blog in the lineup so you don’t go getting yourself lost in the vastness of the interwebs without your trail of breadcrumbs leading you back home. The easiest way to get to the beginning of the hop is by either clicking the ‘button’ for the hop (located on my right hand sidebar – you know, the one that had the name and date of the hop on it) or by following the link that I’ll post to Facebook the beginning day of the hop. But, if you find yourself here and I don’t happen to be the first blog along the route, the beginning of my post on the subject will direct you back to the starting line. You’re usually allowed to do the blog hop at any time of the day (unless they’re getting extremely specific, which isn’t likely), just as long as you follow rule #3 on the day of the hop. Hops may span over one day, two days, a week or more.  

#2: One links to the next
 At the end of each post, you’ll be guided to the next stop with clear instructions, usually something along the lines of click here to visit the next blog post over at Susie Q’s. This part’s mildly self-explanatory.

#3: Leave some love
It’s usually a requirement, to prove that you’ve at least glanced at each blog, to leave a comment on the post. It’s also really nice when you choose to follow the site (but this might be more of a topic for Blog Hopping 101). Comments and followers to your blog makes the blog owner feel an odd sense of accomplishment and worth, even if it’s just an “I love your LO” blurb.

#4: Finish at the end
Again, hello. Not rocket science here, but make sure you start at the beginning and finish at the end. A lot of hops have what’s called Blog Candy (aka a prize) for hopping along the sites and commenting as you go (Yea! Virtual breadcrumbs!!)    

Want to practice? Here’s the link for the first day of The Twinery’s blog hop (note: the individual blogs might have published another post since then, so the blog hop post might not be the most recent one anymore).  

Like I said, I have a lot of these coming up in the next several weeks, so hit that little follow or subscribe button to get my updates!

Ok, now who’s with me?? Leave me a comment on this post for some practice in leaving some love and let me know if you’re in for the Ghoultide Hop this Saturday!!

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