A LaLa-Lovely Bed for the Lalaloopsy Room!

I just finished telling you all about the new Lalaloopsy bedroom that my little one got for her third birthday. As a part of that renovation, her bed went from a small toddler bed (that was a built in piece) to a big girl twin bed. I searched around the web a bit, looking for a perfect bed frame for the little princess, and I found this:
Bed from Wal-Mart
So. First of all, I love the tufting. So cute. Second, what princess doesn't love pink!? I thought the color, while having the possibility of being extremely overbearing, would compliment the colors of the room nicely. At $200, it wasn't a bad option, but...I'll say it again...I HATE paying for something I feel like I could make!!

I'll admit, I've never made a bed frame, let alone a headboard. I knew I needed a little help structurally here, and my mother in law found this at a second hand store:

It's wicker. White wicker. Not really the hugest fan of white wicker, BUT...look at the shape of it. It has the same gentle curve along the top, which was one of the parts I liked about the inspiration headboard.  ---and look!!
Seriously?! $7.50?! For all of you keeping score, that's about 4.89 pounds over in England, 7.61 dollars up in Canada, and 408.83 Rupees.

I wanted a plush head board with soft fabric, so I headed to JoAnn's (coupons in hand!) and got a roll of batting and some material. After I cleaned off the head board pretty well, I stapled down two layers of batting, then cut away the extra.

Next, the material was stretched over the batting and stapled down (this isn't rocket science, here) :)

And lastly, I gathered up random sized, shaped, and colored buttons from my ginormous stash and started randomly tufting. I used the wicker to my advantage here and tied my floss onto the little pieces to hold the tufting.

I think the final result was worth the $20 I ended up spending on it!! So I wonder if I can use the $180 I saved on other crafting supplies now... :)